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About Us

Welcome. My name is James and I'm the owner of PDX Travel. I've been a resident of Portland, Oregon for over 20 years. I live and work in the North Portland Overlook Neighborhood. For the past 15 years, I have split my time between working as a Sustainability Coordinator and canvassing around Portland looking for the unique and interesting, which is never in short supply around here.

PDX Travel is meant as a place for EVERYTHING Portland, a complete portal for visitors, locals and those planning to join our beautiful city permanently. There are lots of new and exciting things PDX Travel will offer over the coming months and into 2019, with many unique offerings that can only be accessed right here!


Travel Services

From flights to hotels, cars, event tickets and inclusive packages, let us help you customize your Portland experience.

Portland City Guide

An insider's guide to Portland, covering both the well traveled roads and the path less traveled.

Portland Deals

Deals and discounts all over town, for visitors and locals alike, including lots of freebies.

Portland Outdoors

Outdoor adventures and activities, both in Portland and all the natural beauty that surrounds it.